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We’re proud to present the Tao Tao Chu logo! We’ve carefully selected a logo that would represent th

Creative: The hut that sits atop the logo goes back to the story of Tao Yuanming, where he lived in a thatched hut away from civilization, indifferent to the world. Yuanming’s talent, despite his isolation, gets him recognized; similar to Tao Tao Chu, we strive to be indifferent to the distractions of the world and project a sense of regality that demonstrates the character of “Tao”. Most importantly, Tao Tao Chu holds a sense of defiance with its art. Even in difficult times where artists were discouraged from their craft, our artists strive to create an aesthetic that is completely their own, one that is authentic, refined, and rare. Our art is nonsecular, meaning we don’t shy away from religious topics because they have inherent artistic value that is beautiful to hone. Much like a Chinese proverb stating how Tao Yuanming was unwilling to sacrifice his waist for five buckets of rice, our artists would rather keep their pride rather than receiving the bare minimum – we live for art.


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