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The Art of LiaoHongbiao Exhibition Critics

Liao Hongbiao ( 1936 - )

Master of Shi-wan pottery. Under his father's guidance, Liao learns the basic techniques and knowledge of clay, glaze and fire, and he builds solid skills for further art development by imitating works by the predecessors. In addition to creating various forms, Liao is diligent in studying and testing various formulas of clay and glaze, and features of fire to best represent his artworks.

“ Hardwork and perseverance yield golden accomplishments

 - LiZhuoqi Curator of the Guang Dong Museum of Folk Handicrafts

 Only through the process of severe training and persistent practising can one ultimately produce excellent works that stand tests. It is just like the processes of gold prospecting and metal tempering, where countless impurities are removed and only the finest products remain.

“ Conveying tradition,vividness,humanism ; Cherishing ceramics,soul,mentalism. ”

 - XuXiutong Master of Arts and Crafts of China Director

He is undeniably a key figure who has inherited the tradition and imparted the young generations, and has integrated features of the time where he lives, such as contemporary themes and ways of expression. With a solid foundation of techniques of realism, he has made use of exaggeration and transfiguration in a rational manner, and handled traditional themes with flexible transformations.

Vividity Profoundity

 - ShangTao Professor of Chinese Painting in Guanzhou Academy of Fine Arts

1. He blends tradition and modernity, precision and generality, art and life, in a perfect manner.
Traditional artistic concepts embrace idealization, exaggeration, generalization, decoration and formulation.The clou of contemporary and modern Chinese art places the emphasis on life, realism and science . In the art of Liao Hongbiao’s, the Chinese and Western's thoughts integrate well and each serves well as fundamentals and at the same time in practical use.

2. Liao works meticulously and racks his brains.
“ To work meticulously” means his art pays attention
to even a minute detail.
“ To rack his brains” means he is a painstaking artist.

3. The soul can be touched by utmost sincerity.
Liao Hongbiao’s devotion has been transformed into subaudition which is then perceived as vitality and charm.

Elevated the art of Chinese ceramics to a higher level

 - HsuYen Founder of TaoTaoArt

Liao Hongbiao’s works have not only brought lifelikeness into play to the fullest extent, but the ingredients of his works – the structure of the human body, the treatment of drapery, the creative techniques and characteristics such as the transformation of glaze colours – can also compare with western art of sculpture.

LiaoHongbiao's ceramics marks the summit of an era

 - LiuJushang Chief Editor of《XiangShanbao》

What he wants to depict are the great men who deserve our respects instead of images worshipped with burning incense. He has integrated his own interpretation and even his ideals with his works. Thus, in comparison with his predecessors, his works may have achieved something at a higher artistic level and may serve as a landmark of the artistic

Remarkable example of this young generation of folks aetists

 - HuangDuwei Chinese Caligraphy and Painting Artist , Former Deputy Dean of the Guangdong Huayuan

When we look at Liao Hongbiao’s “Avalokiteśvara” (“Guanyin”), we appreciate that the artist is not only apt at using the traditional techniques of Shiwan ceramics but has also ingeniously absorbed the strengths of certain realistic techniques of western sculpture in order to express more realistically the texture and lines of the muscles of this female figure.

What makes Liao even more respectable is that he, in face of the impact of today’s market economy, has always been loyal to his art and has paid no attention to the pursuit of fame and wealth.

An artist incessantly engeged in creation

 - SuJenkuo President of Kuo Mu Sheng Foundation

He has intensified the power of expression of China’s traditional sculpture with human anatomy used in western art. Master Liao is good at enhancing the character of figures by means of skeleton, muscles, tendons and veins, which enable his figures to convey their sentiments, to inspire awe and to strike the mind of the viewer. He also strives to perfect his use of glazes, and with his creations of endless varieties of glazes, each of his works is rendered unique.

Incessent attempts to create andpursuit of perfection

 - LawTsunman Founder of TaoTaoArt HongKong

The works of Master Liao have their roots in Shiwan ceramics, which is rich in folk ordinariness. This ordinariness is tactfully integrated with Chinese culture, making his works amiable and natural. With the mind of pursuing perfection, he never allows himself to be confined by any boundary; he learns things at all times and in all over the world to enrich his knowledge and to improve his techniques.

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