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Extract from the Preface of the album -

Whenever man has ideals in his mind, he wants to make them manifest. What have been practically or sincerely manifested are traces in history; what have been fictitiously or even symbolically expressed are works of art. Poetry and painting are works of art and are able to manifest man’s ideals. Famous artists extract meanings from famous poems from time to time and express them in painting. In this way poetry is transformed into painting, and one form of beauty becomes two. The meanings of all the paintings by famous artists collected in this album have their origins in poetry, and this is why this album is so invaluable. The intentions of this album are represented to you in this Preface.


馬致遠 / 作 ‧ 吳冠中 / 畫 1982

《The Tune of Tian Jian Sha》

by Ma Zhiyuan ‧Painting by Wu Guanzhong


王之渙 / 作 ‧ 錢松喦/ 畫 1982

《Ascending The Stork Tower》

by Wang Zhihuan ‧ Painting by Jian


李白 / 作 ‧ 程十髮 / 畫 1982

《Ancient Style Poem》

by Li Bai ‧ Painting by Cheng Shifa


張籍 / 作 ‧ 劉繼卣 / 畫 1982

《Fierce Tiger Walk》

by Zhang Ji ‧ Painting by Liu Jiyou


劉長卿 / 作 ‧ 范曾 / 畫 1982

《Caught up by Snow on  Mount Lotus》

by Liu Changqing ‧ Painting by Fan Zeng


章孝標 / 作 ‧ 崔子范 / 畫 1982


by Zhang Xiaobiao ‧ Painting by Cui Zifan


蘇軾 / 作 ‧ 吳青霞 / 畫 1982

《Hui Chong’s Dawning Scene of a River in Spring》

by Su Shi ‧ Painting by Wu Qingxia


杜牧 / 作 ‧ 應野平 / 畫 1982

《Driven up the Moutain》

by Du Mu ‧ Painting by Ying Yeping

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