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Master of Art and Crafts of China  Xu Xiutang

Born in Yixing Shushan Zisha family. In 1954, he studied under the famous Zisha pottery engraver Ren Ganting. In 1955, he joined the Shushan Pottery Cooperative (the predecessor of Yixing Zisha Craft Factory). "Clay Figure Zhang (Zhang Jinghu)" studio learns color sculpture. In 1978, he created "Snow Boat Learning Painting", etc., participated in the Yixing Ceramic Exhibition and the National Ceramic Art Exhibition in Beijing successively, and won the National Art Design Award. Later, he created group works based on literature, art, and folk allusions, such as "Eight Monsters Sitting" and "Eight Immortals Drinking in a Drink". In 1987, he presided over the Sculpture Art Studio of Ji Fou Zhai, Zisha No. 2 Factory, and was enthusiastic about cultivating young artists. In April 1990, "Eighteen Arhats" was published in the "Second China Purple Pottery Art Exhibition". Founded Changle Pottery Village in 1995.


Xu Xiutang integrated pottery carvings and pottery sculptures to design and create unique purple clay pots, such as "Lingle Leopard Pot", "Suzaku Pot", "Bamboo Ping Ping" and so on. Published thesis "Art Theory of Zisha Pottery Carving". In 1992, he co-edited "Yixing Zisha Treasures" with Gu Jingzhou and Li Changhong, which was published by Hong Kong Sanlian Bookstore. There are many monographs "Chinese Zisha", "Master Talking Device-Xu Xiutang Talking about Zisha", "Zisha Crafts", "Yixing Zisha Zisha Crafts Illustrated Book", etc. for Shanghai Ancient Books Publishing House, Shanghai Dictionary Publishing House, Zhejiang People's Publishing House, Published and distributed by Shanghai Painting and Calligraphy Publishing House. His works "Sit on Eight Monsters", "Bingyin", "Immortal Life", etc. won the first prize in the National Ceramic Competition. "Tea Caddy" Collection of the British Museum in London, England. Works such as "Liu Hai Plays with Golden Toad", "Gong Chun", "Zhang Tian", and "The First Pottery Monk" have been collected by major museums at home and abroad.

《始陶異僧》《 Yixing clay pottery inception sculpture 》徐秀棠 Xu Xiutang 1990


Yixing clay pottery inception sculpture ( also called The monk selling Fugui clay)


Xu Xiutang

高:54cm 寬:33cm



The Taoist monk is also selling rich soil (five-color soil)

According to legend, when Hutu first came out, there was a strange monk who went through the village. The monk said: "You don't want to buy, how about buying rich?" Because he invited the villagers to point to the cave where the soil is produced in the mountain, he went. After being sent out, the fruit is prepared with five-color soil, which is brilliant and beautiful. The original chapter of the Luyang Xian Tea Pot Series

Characters are based on the original chapter of "Yangxian Minghu Series"

The old monk has a strange appearance, a profound expression, and an unfathomable feeling of self-confidence. According to the historical records of Zisha, the author portrays this legendary old monk from Zisha soil. According to legend, when a strange monk passed by the village called "sell rich soil", he led the villagers into the Huanglong Mountain and pointed to the soil cave. So the villagers began to excavate the five-color purple sand mud, which has achieved the glorious history of purple sand art.




相傳壺土初出時,先有異僧經行村落,日呼曰:「賣富貴土。」人群嗤之。僧曰:「貴不欲買,買富如何?」因引村叟,指山中產土之穴,去。經及發之,果備五色土,燦若披錦。錄陽羨茗壺系原始篇 庚午夏秀棠製並題



《始陶異僧》《 Yixing clay pottery inception sculpture 》徐秀棠 Xu Xiutang 1990
《始陶異僧》《 Yixing clay pottery inception sculpture 》徐秀棠 Xu Xiutang 1990
《始陶異僧》《 Yixing clay pottery inception sculpture 》徐秀棠 Xu Xiutang 1990
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