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1989 - Paid a monthly visit to Master Xu Xiutang at the Yixing Factory


1990 - A photo taken with Mr. and Mrs. Liao Hongbiao at the Shiwan Artistic Ceramics Factory


2004 - Tao Tao Chu’s happy gathering with Mr. and Mrs. Shang Tao

Introduction of Tao Tao Art

Jack London once said: "People should live, not just to survive." In the new era dominated by virtual technology, people need more art that enriches their hearts and moves.  Only artists with sincere and perceptual pursuit of beauty and representative works of good dedication with the spirit of great love can be immortal in the history of human culture and art.


Since 1983, Taotaochu requires that every collection must be true, refined, and rare, and encourages cooperating artists to create soul masterpieces, whether in painting, calligraphy or pottery.  Carrying forward the inner thoughts, feelings and artistry of the inherited works is our long-term artistic and cultural mission.


What we are proud of is that we have passed rigorous review and successfully held three collection exhibitions at the National Museum of History, breaking Taiwan's collection record.  2013 "A Soul of Shiwan Ceramics :The Art of Liao Hongbiao "; 2016 "Zisha Wares of Yixing/A Special Exhibition of Pottery Figurines and Teapots"; 2017 "The formless Form:An Exhibition of Shang Tao ".  And in 2019 Kaohsiung Buddha Memorial Hall again held the "Liao Hongbiao Pottery Sculpture and Yixing Zisha Art Joint Exhibition".


The Taotaochu Air Museum exhibits four types of collections: Shang Tao's paintings in the prime of 1987-2004; poetry paintings by 26 painters published in 1984, "Ancient Poems and Modern Paintings"; Liao Hongbiao Shiwan art pottery sculptures; Xu Xiutang and masters in Yixing  Pottery.  These great artists, in addition to their own talents and efforts, also absorbed the essence of Eastern and Western art theories, created works with unique personal styles, and jointly achieved the peak of art in the new era.


 I hope that the unique, outstanding and touching art works of the Taotaochu Sky Museum can satisfy everyone's spiritual enjoyment!



Tao Tao Art
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