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A Soul of Shiwan Ceramics: The Art of Liao Hongbiao

Publisher: National Museum of History Published in June 2013 NT$2800

Liao Hongbiao’s ceramics is a highly technical and creative art. His art is an integration of art and crafts (form, meaning and spirit), three-dimensional space and the art of Flambé glaze (clay, glaze and fire), and he makes use of professional techniques (such as expression of the composition, expression of the structure and expression of the sculpture texture) to demonstrate the inner depth and broadness of a work. Liao’s works do not only possess the traditional sense of affection of Shiwan ceramics, but the connotations that they embrace, and the artist’s thoughts and emotions injected in them during his artistic creation, have also elevated the art of Chinese ceramics to a higher level.
He is not only the most representational figure of the contemporary Shiwan ceramic art but also a master of traditional Chinese arts and crafts that is hard to come by. When one looks at Liao, who has conducted his pursuit of art with persistence and painstaking efforts throughout his life, poem by Wang Anshi of Northern Song Dynasty will occur to him: “It looks ordinary but is actually extraordinary; it seems easy to attain success but in fact it is hard”.

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National Museum of History 02-2361-0270
Tao Tao Chu +886 2-2700-9589|+886932-153-087


Zisha Wares of Yixing: A Special Exhibition of Pottery Figurines and Teapots

Publisher: National Museum of History Published in October 2016, NT$2500

Throughout the ages treasures, like pearls and jade, have been sought after, but none of these can compare to the treasured purple-clay of Yixing.Zisha wares, made from the iron-rich local clay found only in Yixing, exhibit exquisite craftsmanship.  They have always been considered by China's cultural elite as the first among the best for enjoying tea.
This exhibition displays both figurines and teapots of over 20 major masters whose works are representative of the theme "innovation and breakout." The figurines are primarily comprised of the convention stretching creations done by the contemporary master, Xu Xiutang and his disciples. These works were mostly completed during the 1980s and 1990s and represent how zisha artisans have strived to innovate within their own tradition. Among them, the three series of pottery figurines, which include The Eighteen Arhats, The Eight Drinking Immortals, and The Eight Sitting Eccentrics, are the most representative pieces of Xu Xiutang's body of work.Representing the spirit of 1980 and 1990 in the crafting of teapots are the many masters.The representative works of these distinguished masters provide a unique opportunity to taste the classic elegance of zisha wares and experience the innovative spirit of a distinctive generation of contemporary masters.

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National Museum of History 02-2361-0270
Tao Tao Chu +886 2-2700-9589|+886932-153-087

The Formless Form: An Exhibition of Shang Tao 

Publisher: National Museum of History Published in March 2017, NT$2500


The feature of Shang Tao's “image” is its “greatness,” in that it has a full, expansive tension. The fluidity of the ink, robustness of his brushstroke, the effluence of his wash, the solidity of his whites, the idiosyncrasy and grace of his stylization- the aggregate tension congeals in the structure of the painting and breaks out of the work to enter directly into our mind.The tension inherent in Shang Tao's figures is mainly a tension, not at the visual level, but at the psychological level, perhaps even at the level of cultural implication.
Shang Tao's paintings is his spirit of‭ ‬''‬love and peace‭''.He has always kept faith in the beauty‭ ‬and kindness of life and art‭; ‬this can be detected in the‭ ‬‮!'‬adorable‮!(‬‭ ‬undercurrent of his form‭. ‬The huge fish and large birds‭,‬‭ ‬giant leaves and big flowers‭, ‬pandas and toads‭, ‬even birds of prey‭, ‬that flow from his brush all seem‭, ‬in a way‭, ‬approachable and adorable‭. ‬Shang Tao's belief in art is‭: ‬Art should be adorable‭. ‬The word‭ ‬‮!'‬adorable‮!(‬‭ ‬itself evokes the innocence of childhood and doting benevolence‭; ‬it also connotes perseverance in living‭. ‬

Different uses of ink are common in Shang Tao’s works, while his composition is that of simplicity and dignity. At a glance, there seems to be too little glamour and too much awkwardness. Yet this is exactly this kind of “awkwardness” that renders Shang’s art so estimable and outstanding. We may say “awkwardness” is the essence in Shang’s art of calligraphy and painting. He is such a serious artist that he has not been prolific, but his works have been displayed in various exhibitions and have gained him various awards. As works of art students, only Shang Tao’s and those of Jia Youfu’s had ever been selected and become exhibits in the Li Keran Memorial Museum. “The spirit of the most awkward, the style of the grandest.” There is always an overwhelming sense of sincerity, emotions and charm in Shang Tao’s calligraphy and painting. 

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National Museum of History 02-2361-0270
Tao Tao Chu +886 2-2700-9589|+886932-153-087

Tao Tao Chu artistic, cultural and creative works. 陶陶居藝術文創作品

Shang Tao Benevolence and Affinity Series--尚濤仁愛親和情懷系列--

Handmade textured famous painting silk scarf. 手製質感名畫絲巾

截圖 2021-11-08 下午6.32.34 拷貝.jpg

Handmade Textured Famous Painting Throw Pillow. 手製質感名畫抱枕

截圖 2021-11-08 下午6.33.11.png

Handmade textured famous painting key ring. 手製質感名畫鑰圈


L-shaped folderL. 型資料夾

截圖 2021-11-08 下午6.33.31.png
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